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Bridal Mehendi Service

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Wedding is a special day in a woman’s life and an event that has to be the best. But a wedding is not complete without the Mehendi and we at Bride Touch of Art have kept this timeless art alive for three generations.
Whatever your requirement is, we, at WEDENT GROUP,  are here to deliver the most beautiful and intricate results that will make your day truly special.
Our Mehendi Artists' journey of creativity begins with Mrs.Sharma who is a pioneer in practicing the art of Mehendi at the age of 9. Today, the artistic heritage is kept alive by her daughter whose unique designs have adorned the hands of many famous personalities from the world of films, (Nargis Datt  to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ), business and politics. 
They not only cater for wedding but also for various other functions such as Godhbharai, Namkaran, Karvachauth and Photo Sessions. Their promise is to create a design that is not only beautiful but has never been repeated before by us. So book our Mehendi Artists for your memorable wedding today!

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