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We have a range of Men’s and Women’s apparels in our portfolio- formal & casual shirts, denims, ladies kurti’s, skd’s, bedsheets etc.
We can offer our products to you at a suitable discount (depending on quantities) to our customers.
Apart from readymade apparels (as above), we also do bulk orders (custom made)

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We offer professional Food & Art Fusion services in exquisite carvings from Fruits & Vegetables offering a wide range of fruit and vegetable carving training & workshop Services to Hotel Restaurant Personnels or Individuals, Wedding Planners, Caterers, enz. We create spectacular fruits and vegetables such as for weddings, Hotels and banquets.

Imagine those tasty, fresh, colorful yet healthy foods ie  Fruits & vegetables designed (visit ) with the help of those creative cuts that changes a simple fruit & vegetable piece into masterpieces of art highlighting a grand celebrations into more designer & creative look

A sailor into a pumpkin, a basket of a papaya, a Thumbelina of a watermelon, Pineapples & lotus flowers of the tomatoes & what now. 
Yes we are talking about fruits & vegetable carving a concept of designer food originated from eastern India & is now becoming a part of grand receptions & parties.
You would have seen fruits & vegetable carvings these days in all good hotels specializing in their own way & belonging to their own region. Lifestyles are changing & people are adding their health conscious diet regime into their celebrations too. We specialize in carving fruits and vegetables following the various traditional as well as modern developments. You would find fruit carving gracing the restaurants of five star hotels or cruise ships and even parties these days. The continental food has intruded into the Indian cuisine very much these days.
Now you can have these beautiful fruit and vegetable carvings at your function, event or wedding. They are also ideal for birthday gifts, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and hospital visits as Wedent Group introduces its network of Indian & continental food carvings to add feathers to your great & grand celebrations.  
Our skilled carvers will reproduce our fruit and vegetable carvings, shown in our catalogue, freshly for you. If you need a base for the carvings you can buy many of them with a carefully selected piece of beautiful glassware - which you can keep. Each piece is a work of art. Only a limited number are available, so get your order in soon.

We use a wide range of fruits and vegetables in our carvings. Watermelons are a great favorite due to their size, and range of colors when carved. Whether you need carved watermelons or vegetables carved into birds or fish, we have what you need to make your occasion special. Browse our catalogue of fruit and vegetable carvings - we hope you find something you like. The catalogue will be updated at suitable intervals, so keep coming back to see the latest designs.

Watermelons, turnips, pineapples and many other fruits and vegetables can be carved and combined into either elegantly simple or very elaborate center pieces or accents for your picnic table or indoor party decorations.
The art of carving foods is an Eastern custom that has been adopted by creative food preparers around the world. Especially in Thailand and Japan food carving is considered part of the presentation of the meal. The stunning designs that can be created make the food the center of attention when you serve your guests. No need to worry about what else is on the table! Wonderful natural colors
Some of the more elaborate carvings can take hours to get just right, but practice makes it go faster and soon you'll find yourself designing your own patterns for watermelons, radishes, and any fruit or vegetable that can hold its form when carved.
If you've never seen carved fruits or veggies and you're thinking typical Halloween pumpkin carving - check out some of these resources and be amazed:
These are simple carved watermelon fruit salad serving bowls:

So let us ornate your celebrations with a colorful, healthy, fresh, natural & creative carvings…
We get you a work of art on most natural & healthy food gifted to us by nature… 

We have an extensive market reach across India, and therefore we are also looking forward for an opportunity for business/sourcing related to horticulture produce.


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