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IMA Office & Wedent Group offers Premier Concierge Services to HNWI, Insurance Companies & Banks for valuation of Artworks & Paintings for insurance purpose in West Bengal & across India. is not only an Office Space Planner & Office Interior Designer but in partnering with "Premier Concierge Assist" (A jxyxwlc.com venture) also provides  across India from Group Tours to Business Meeting Planning for VIP's, Celebrities, Sportsmen & other Business Delegates. IMA Office is in partnering with  provides Conierge services across India for personal Bridal Trousseau Shopping & Personal Stylist services. Lifstyle Management to education, Finding Best Property for NRI and providing Residential Services for NRI, Tourists & Foreigners, finding best school and best tutors for your children, for medical tourism we can find you best hospital & medical assistance. Thus Medical Tourism management to finding internship placement in a reputed organization, finding reputed Schools, Colleges, Universities across India for your son or daughter, Finding best Chic Wedding Venue for your destination wedding or right venue for your daughter's wedding management according to your budget, etc. etc... Although primary image of the concierge remains the hotel employee who makes dinner and show reservations and books sightseeing tours, the responsibilities that fall under the title have expanded significantly over the past three decades. Today, concierges offer a wide range of services in a variety of venues, from corporations to condominiums. And despite the common misconception that concierges work only for the very wealthy, in reality, their services are available to people of all incomes.
You'll find out what it helps you alot in seeking our Professional Premier Concierge Assistance services from IMA OFFICE, and later you will get to know how our PREMIER CONCIERGE ASSISTANCE TEAM can help you to overcome many problematic issues smoothly & efficiently.

The essence of the concierge job is to provide service. A Premier Concierge Assist of IMA OFFICE is there to ensure that guests have everything they need during their stay. Typically, the concierge sits at a desk in the lobby, and guests can either stop by or call with their requests. Those requests may include:
Getting Hotel & Restaurant ReservationWe will help you out to buy the right stuff for right party, Booking Theater & Cinema Tickets, Events & Concert TicketsHelp you to get right wears for party and feest, Tourist Guide to local AttractionsHiring a car/limo for sightseeing or to get to the airportMaking complete travel arrangements, from confirming flights and seat assignments to securing visasYou can just relax and will not be confused what to do, and what to buy!... Thus we provide you personalized shopping and customized trousseau shopping services for families of the bride and groom as our Premier Concierge Assist ServicesStoring luggage until a guest checks in or outHelping to plan a corporate meeting, Private party or wedding at the hotelFrom wedding shopping to the arrangement of wedding related ceremonies, from Honeymoon Packages to Luxury Cars, Private Jet, Hall booking, Banquet services to everything is being managed by our Wedent Wedding Planners & Wedent Stylist.Helping you for an interpreter to assist a foreign guest to solve any communication gap, etc.

Art & culture, rich heritage, vast & historical civilization.  What does it remind you off? Yes, it’s Bharat. If we start counting the masterpieces that are not less than the wonder pieces developed in India I bet one will spend his entire lifetime but won’t be able to count them.
One feels not only proud but arrogant thinking of the iconic art & culture evolved & only evolved in all the eras & all the centuries.
Wedent Group being a thorough devotee to the rich Indian heritage & art wants to take another step forward to thank the great Indian art that has given us a unique identity in the world that is also an identical proof of the king-size, artistic, intelligent & evolved Indian culture. 
Think of the Ajanta Alora, Taj Mahal, Various Indian Temples or even the smaller artifacts everything says without words the story of their creation and their creators. Such detailed & skill art & designs sings the story of Indian . All words are less to adore Indian Art.
Through Bharat Art Gallery we gather the iconic artistic pieces from each & every corner of the world to not only retain the value of Indian Art across the world but also in the lives of art lovers.
We offer various Indian art sculptures & materials from various regions like Delhi , Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Gujrat, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, & even the other small  towns & even villages in all corners of India. Some of our material is being directly taken from the real artisans master the art in an unknown corner of India.
Not only the tradition style have we also offered the contemporary & modern forms of art into the following
·        Paintings,
·        Sculptures,
·        Music, 
·        jewellery,
·        crockery,
·        glass wears,
·        carpets,
·        fabrics & shawls,
·        wooden work,
·        metal work ( gold, silver, brass , bronze & copper)
·        woolen stuff etc..
From common to the uncommon…from the biggest known designer to the local artisans everyone’s art is given a honour under the head of Bharat Art Gallery
We gather our collections from the regions famous  for their artistic expertise in the Indian art like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan,  Gujrat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradeh, west Bengal Uttar Pradesh  mainly also the other corners of India  wherever art & artists exists.
After all we are art lovers, we value skills & creativity hence it’s another move from us.
Though art is everything that is pleasant to eyes but some are the masterpieces that appeals to our heart, mind & soul.
Jai Bharat

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