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Sari Stylist (Couture Saree & Luxury Lingerie), Saree Draping Classes in Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai

, , , , , , , , We do not sell only our "Sari Stylist" Couture   of Elegance  and Luxury Saree Lingerie, we provide also our creative and brilliant stylist and () services who will help you out to buy the right stuff for right party, right wedding sari (),  right jewelry and apparels, and the right wears for party and feest and for your luxury wedding ceremony so that you can relax and will not be confused how to do, what to buy!... Thus we provide personalized shopping and customized trousseau shopping services for the families of the bride and groom as a stylist. From wedding shopping to the arrangement of wedding related ceremonies, from Honeymoon Packages to Luxury Cars, Private Jet, Hall booking, Banquet services to everything is being managed by our Wedent Wedding Planners & Wedent Stylist. We also provide our Sari Stylist couture for the uniforms as per the brands requirements where our designers would design the saris especially as per your choice. Be it for Airlines, Front Office Executives, Corporate Offices, Schools, Colleges, etc. 

A woman wearing a Sari...Yes think of an Indian woman, the most perfect, admirable, civilized & an identity that exhibit a complete structure of a perfect woman.
Sari is an outfit that’s another unique outfit that provides an identity to an Indian woman…the perfect woman. One single piece of fabric could be draped in innumerable trends yet looks graceful & attractive. It defines not only a woman’s body but her overall personality and a background that has innumerable folds of rich & rich heritage inherited by her ancestors….Yes we are talking of an Indian woman & an her identical outfit that differentiate her from the rest of the world.
Imagine one single outfit could express so many identities, so many regions, so many cultures …it’s just the style you drape it in. Be it a simple north Indian style or the Bengali, Marathi, south Indian or any traditional style.
Not only the traditional one but now the western one. Coming up as a fusion in the fashion designers lingua that has the same sari with a little innovations i.e.  The western cuts, the western accessories, the backless designer blouses etc.
Ask any designer the favorite costume according to him on the woman of any origin…more than 80 % of the designers would say Sari. And believe it includes the international designers as well.
See it in bollywood movies. No actress could look as sexier as in sari than in any other costume. This single traditional outfit has endless scope of innovations. One can change the whole personality just by a different style of draping it.
And this is why so many costumes comes in & goes by but Sari still stands on the same top most platform of  uniqueness, style, fashion, dignity & grace. Nothing could ever beat it.  It is simple yet sexier & that’s the reason that it complements the personality of a bollywood dancers wearing designer chiffon sari to the most dignifies political personalities wearing cotton & silk sari.
We at AAGNI that is always on the way to promote Indian culture across the globe is now organizing a grand event to admire various style of SARIS where our team from wedent event managements, wedent entertainment management, wedent media management will be coming up with graceful celebration for this graceful outfit.
Our very beautiful & successful national & international models from Indian modeling agency would walk on the ramp to add four moons to the function.
The symbol of dignity & substance i.e. fire that is the trademark of Aagni would be another medium to celebrate & thank the great Indian heritage. Dancers from across the globe would be performing on stage to salute this great Indian outfit from a great rich land of dignified cultures.
Come & join us & feel proud to see the richness & grace gifted to us by our century’s old civilization yet leading as a fashion statement.
We have also invited Sari Draping professional from different parts of India also the fashion designers whom you could get a chance to meet or get a personal consultation if you wish to…
So come & a be a part of this very unique event & feel proud to be a part of one of this great Indian gesture.
The Sari Stylist began as a small, elite event. Due to its success, it now plays host to thousands of young women across the nation.   

The event encourages and supports an honourable way of life for young people, and you will be a big part of that. Your involvement will give you unparalleled branding opportunities amongst many communities.

As a sponsor of Sari Stylist you will enjoy fantastic marketing exposure. Our predominant audience members are intelligent, savvy, fashionable women of all ages – who’s decisions dress the whole family.

The Sari Stylist show will provide a dynamic professional production, in partnership with leaders in the retail, fashion and entertainment sectors. The event showcases latest fashions Sari Couture from well established designers such as Down East Basics of Roseville. Entertainment abounds over the three days.
The Sari Stylist show also allows the models to showcase what they have learned, and take up the mantle of positive role models for our young people.  
This year's Sari Stylist show will be held on April 16 to 18th of 2011 at the Rajkot city, Gujarat, India and we welcome you to be a part of it. The show can not fulfill it’s charter without generous sponsors. If you have a personal, or commercial, aim in supporting the event, we’d love to talk to you.  Please consider supporting the Sari Stylist show with a donation of cash, goods or services, and make an impact on the hearts and souls of countless people of all ages. 
Enclosed is information on some of our sponsorship opportunities. For more information about our event please visit  .
We look forward to meeting you personally to discuss your interest in becoming a Sari Stylist sponsor.
With our most sincere thanks,
Ratan Chakraborty

Wedent Group

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